The Abuse Free Revolution

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The Abuse Free Revolution - Testimonials

What they say

''My confidence has improved. The dynamics of relationships around me have improved, the knock on affect has been amazing. My relationships with my family has improved, my self-worth and general outlook on life has improved. Thank you so very much''

- Linda

''Life Changing''

- Laura Camp

''The way the sessions developed helped me to gradually gain more confidence in myself as a person and to learn after many years (25) that what I think and feel is as important as anyone else in the world''

- Maggie

''for the first time in my life I am steering my own ship''

- Sharon Simpson

''The process has not been difficult and I found it enjoyable working with Louise. I would recommend doing the Empowerment Programme to anybody''

- Sharon W

''Louise has an amazing and insightful way of putting things that really makes you think and comprehend things''

- Matt . A